During the Covid-19 restrictions. We are developing the process to enable presenters to work with us on-line. Please upload and register the zoom application. Please familiarise yourself with its operation. You will receive a post with a specific invite ahead of each session.

Please be aware of the limitations of this approach and be patient. Zoom has been widely adopted by online workers but it’s not as easy to use as you might hope. Please help the session by muting your microphone until you wish to ask a question, and click on the 🖐 icon (it inevitably does not look quite like this one!) in order to be invited to do so. Then unmute and ask your question, then mute again.

We gather from 19.00 (help with chairs welcomed before the start at 19.30) on the third Monday in the month at St Patrick’s Irish club, in an upstairs room where people sit around tables, perhaps with a drink. We don’t charge, people make a small contribution if they wish. Our running costs are mainly the room, speakers’ expenses and this website. There are usually about 50 attendees, who generally have a scientific background, (but that’s not necessary), and are always ready to ask pertinent questions. In fact our speakers are very appreciative of the time for discussion, and the challenge of the questions.

St Patrick’s Irish Club, Riverside Walk, Adelaide Road, Leamington CV32 5AH

Riverside Walk is just north of Adelaide Bridge, opposite Dormer Place; the Irish Club is the last building on the left hand side. Car parking is rarely a challenge. We regret that the room is not wheelchair accessible, access is by stairs only. 

It is an 11 minute, 0.5 mile walk from the railway station of Leamington Spa.

We start arriving at 19.00 ready for a prompt 19.30 start, and conclude by 21.00

If you would like to lead a Leamington Spa session please send an email to Robin Cathcart

The Leamington Cafe sci was run by Barbara Crowther for 8 years, then by Jan Gillett and Derek Moore as co-organisers (Make your own judgement of how hard it must have been for Barbara on her own!) Peter Haine joined with Jan as co-organiser 2017-9, and now Robin Cathcart is taking the lead with Jan in support. He would like a volunteer to enable Jan to become more of an attender, less of an organiser, once again.