Leah Fitzsimmons, University of Birmingham, will talk about her work as an Ask For Evidence ambassador for Sense About Science (basically ‘how do we all make sense of the barrage of claims and information that we come across on a daily basis?’). More details to come of this fascinating and topical subject.

On July 15th Arun Ulahannan of WMG shared his PHD research into the human interface with autonomous vehicles; a sobering insight into what is possibly the most important aspect of the ongoing bandwagon. Now we have our summer break, and we will be working on next year’s programme up until July 2020. Not too late to make suggestions. We are making progress with the website-based forwarding of posts; if you receive this it evidently works! If you are looking on the site and didn’t get the update, let me have your address and I can register on your behalf, you then take over its admin. Jan Gillett