January 15th update. We have received a good number of responses (the “comments” do work!) to this post and are discussing the details of the event with Vitsoe. We will provide further info over the next month or so. Meanwhile, do make a response if you are interested but have not replied: we can certainly repeat if appropriate.

Most of you will have seen the Vitsoe factory now gracing the old Ford Foundry site, and perhaps have explored the website. You will have gathered that it is a “different” company in many ways. The building is a remarkable statement of low key good taste and minimal energy consumption, and a tour is a fascinating experience.

I have arranged for a Cafe sci group tour, and mentioned this at our December meeting; this is an attempt to get to a realistic estimate of likely take-up.

The tour would be on a Friday during the middle of the day, probable May or June; times to be finalised. It takes a couple of hours and there is good parking, though it is also just a step from Leamington station of course.

I don’t want to make any changes to the structure of the website so I am experimenting by seeing if the “comments” facility will work for what we need. If you think you are likely to come just make a comment with your name and I will collate them. I will continue to develop the process through the spring.