Firstly thanks to Robin Allaby who put together a fascinating presentation for us, with some great graphics. What an intriguing story.

The purpose of this note is to share the experience of the session, and suggest changes that should improve things for next time. 

Thank you all of you who joined us, we hope you will give it another try next time. At one stage there were 44 sign-ins, which looking at the pictures probably represents 60+ people. From my personal knowledge we had people from as far afield as Bibury and Berkhamsted. The Q and A worked reasonably but was a tougher proposition, with people struggling to find the hand raise button, but our collective experience will clearly build over time. 

In general there’s a problem with familiarity of Zoom, and several people did not manage to sign in. We hope that they will revisit the instructions and leave plenty of time next time.  Here are some recommendations to help our future success.

  1. Visit the Zoom app and click on this link for extensive help.
  2. It’s nice for the speaker if they can see the faces of the audience rather than a black rectangle
  3. Further to 2, it’s also nice for the speaker if the faces are reasonably well lit too.
  4. Please stay muted until you want to ask a question, then raise the hand (look at the attendee listing to find the raise hand), not to be confused with the “thumbs up” or “clapping” hands (which are great to use at appropriate times)  

We have more sessions being arranged via Zoom, visit the events section for details, posts will be sent out nearer to the date.