Those of you who joined in the June Zoom meeting will have learned that Jan Gillett is giving up his involvement in the organisation of the Café Sci events. He has been a key organiser of  events since 2014; that is over 70 Cafes,  firstly with Derek Moore and latterly with Peter Haine. Events of the quality we have come to enjoy do not happen by accident and it takes considerable effort to find speakers, schedule and publicise the programme, build and run the website and organise the monthly sessions. The society should be most grateful to Jan for the effort he has put in over the years and on your behalf I should like to thank him. 

Since his move to Stratford, Peter Haine has become an attendee at the Café, rather than an organiser, and I think he would have liked to quietly merge into the audience. However his input has been too significant for that and, again on your behalf, I should like to thank him.

Hermann Moisl and I have been sharing the organisation with Jan and Peter for some time and it is the intention that we carry on. Although we have identified roles; Hermann as the IT person and I for development of the programme, we operate as a team planning and sharing ideas and responsibilities.  We would like to find a third member of the team preferably  with emphasis on organising and chairing sessions. Ideally the third member would be a younger person who would increase the team diversity.

Robin Cathcart