Is science or law sufficient to achieve environmental justice?

Globally, pollution kills three times more people than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined, accounting for one in four deaths in the poorest countries. How can polluters be so destructive in a world that has exceptional scientific capabilities and governed by laws to defend people’s rights to a healthy environment? Professors Robert Lee and John Colbourne argue that laws have not kept pace with scientific developments useful for establishing causation between exposure to pollution and harm, while science has ignored applications to establish causation between polluters and the victims of pollution. They propose an achievable solution to environmental injustice that is born out of interdisciplinary collaboration and coordination. Both science and law are necessary to achieve environmental justice.
Robert Lee is Professor of Environmental Law, and John Colbourne is Professor of Environmental Genomics at the University of Birmingham.

Coordinating our Cafe Sci: There are two new members on the organizing team for Café Scientifique.

Andrew Burnley is a civil engineer living in Warwick. John Holroyde is a retired Chemist living in Leamington. They write;

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to continue the activities of Café Scientifique in Leamington.  We will do our best to maintain the high quality of interesting and relevant presentations to the group.

“We will work with Jan, Peter and Derek over the next few months to develop a programme for 2021, with the aim of returning to live meetings as soon as possible. Unfortunately, in the current climate, it appears unlikely that will be until well into 2021, so the Winter meetings will continue to take place via Zoom.  We will introduce ourselves to the membership at our next meeting on 19th October.”

Andy Burnley and John Holroyde 

Event logistics. We will be holding the event via Zoom as before, and will send out the joining instructions. Details of timing can be found on this page. Forthcoming events