You’ll be pleased to know that the handover to John and Andy is proceeding well, you’ll be hearing more from them soon, I’m sure.

Meanwhile, we had an excellent session last Monday, on environmental pollution and the place for legal enforcement, a field that most of us probably know very little of, but that has a major impact on our lives as individuals and a society. Our two speakers turned out to be leading figures in the field (of course!), respectively in the science of demonstrating the impact of “chemicals” and in the legal process that follows. The research potential has improved by leaps and bounds thanks to genomics, cell biology and artificial intelligence; wonderful possibilities.

Be sure to reserve November 16th for the next talk on “biochar”; details in the events section of the site

We will of course be sending out zoom instructions ahead of the day. Could you please aim to be fully signed in by 19.25, it’s a shame to be interrupted by new arrivals just as the speaker is being introduced. It is of course a well-known characteristic of meeting timekeeping that the one living nearest to the venue is the last one to arrive, but none of us has any travelling to do and we all owe duty of politeness to our speakers….