There are a couple of events being run by the University of Warwick next Thursday which may be of interest. Both are presented by students taking part in a new interdisciplinary module on Public Engagement and will be live on YouTube:

6:00pm-6:30pmThe COVID-19 vaccine: Yes or No

COVID-19 had a massive impact on our lives and livelihoods in 2020 and possibly 2021. With the emergence of the COVID-19 virus which led to a pandemic, pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer and Astrazenca developed vaccines with the help of BioNTech and Oxford. These vaccines aim to boost our herd immunity and in turn help the whole world control the spread of the virus. However, it isn’t all plain sailing from here as vaccine hesitancy among the people of the UK is significant. To analyse this, we looked at some of the trends in vaccine hesitancy among certain communities via official surveys and Instagram polls.

6:30pm-7:00pmFood education: Get involved, donate and make smoothies

Encouraging a better understanding of the issues of food production and availability. We will also be giving tips on how we can work towards an environmentally sustainable lifestyle by creatively managing food waste.

You can sign up for an email reminder here and there is more information on the module here.