We have had a few enquiries about continuing with Zoom meetings alongside face-to-face meetings. Rather than reply to you individually we thought we would set out our position here.

We have been very grateful to the speakers who have presented on Zoom during the pandemic, but several have told us how they were looking forward to getting back to presenting to real people. Café Sci relies on the goodwill of the speakers, and we now believe that it will be difficult to find speakers to present on Zoom.

While we were happy to run Zoom meetings over the past 18 months, it was always intended as a temporary measure to allow us to continue running meetings while face-to-face meetings were not an option. Though we did not have to pay the Irish Club during the pandemic, we did have to pay for our Zoom subscription, all while being unable to collect donations from our members. We were in a good enough financial position to take this hit, but it cannot continue long-term and neither can we pay for both the Irish Club and Zoom.

We are therefore committed to going back to live meetings for the remainder of this year, but will review whether we can offer Zoom meetings at future meetings next year

We would appreciate your support at our face to face meetings which we believe is the best way in ensuring that we can continue to attract high quality presenters to Café Scientifique in Leamington. The Irish club offers a venue that allows us to ensure social distancing for our attendees as required.