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Monday 17th January. Microplastic Pollution and its Detection

Our next meeting will be held at the Irish Club tomorrow at 7:30, and will be presented by Dr Katie Reilly of the University of Birmingham. Microplastics are a pervasive pollutant globally, and have been found in all environments studied… Continue Reading →

Book recommendation

Our latest book recommendation ‘A brief history of the Future – The Origins of the Internet’ by John Naughton. ‘John Naughton, known for his Technology column in The Observer, chronicles the origins of one of the most significant inventions of… Continue Reading →

January meeting

Welcome to 2022. We hope you all had a relaxing Christmas and, dare I say it, are looking forward to a better year than the last one! Our calendar for the year is starting to fill up, we’ve got what… Continue Reading →

Leamington Society – Sustainable Energy and Life in Refugee Camps

Our friends at the Leamington Society are holding a talk on Thursday 13th of January that may be of interest. Dr Sarah Rosenberg-Jansen of Oxford University will describe from direct experience examples of important new sustainable energy technologies being used… Continue Reading →

Book recommendation

Our latest book recommendation comes from Peter Hain. It’s’ Growing a Revolution – Bringing the Soil Back to Life’ by David Montgomery. ‘With ¬†climate change being such a threat at present, and farming practices in line for change as a… Continue Reading →

Book recommendation

Sticky Post

As we’ve all had plenty of time to read over the past year or so, we thought it would be interesting to give a monthly book recommendation. The books could be on any scientific topic, but will be accessible to… Continue Reading →

Face-to-face meetings

We have had a few enquiries about continuing with Zoom meetings alongside face-to-face meetings. Rather than reply to you individually we thought we would set out our position here. We have been very grateful to the speakers who have presented… Continue Reading →

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