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The great wave across Doggerland – how Britain survived the Storrega tsunami.

April 20th 2020 @ 7:30 pm

Professor Robin Allaby, University of Warwick

The Lost Landmass of Doggerland
The North Sea floor was a landmass until about 8000 years ago called Doggerland, with Mesolithic communities and megafuana roaming freely. Sea levels rose episodically, and eventually tha land disappeared. A key event in this process was a catastrophic tsunami 8150 years ago caused by the Storegga slide off the coast of Norway. It has been believed that this is the event that made Britain an island, but so far evidence for the tsunami has only been found in the North around Scotland and the North Atlantic. As part of a large ERC consortium we are studying the inundation of Doggerland, and at Warwick we are using sedimentary ancient DNA (sedaDNA) to reconstruct those lost environments of Doggerland to try to understand what was there, and what happened to it. Excitingly, we have found the first southern evidence of the Storegga tsunami off the coast of East Anglia which shows the sedaDNA traces of the catastrophe, but also that it was not the end previously supposed.


April 20th 2020
7:30 pm
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Jan Gillett

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  1. Jan,

    I could lead a session on Panpsychism, which, if put crudely, is the claim that “there’s mind in everything”. It’s an ancient idea that disappeared during the scientific revolution but is now back, as the Philip Goff claims in his book ‘Galileo’s Error’ . A review by Raymond Tallis is here:


    • Our Chair, Robin Cathcart, replies: Thanks for the offer but the programme for the rest of the year is established and all speakers for the foreseeable period of social isolation have already agreed to speak using Zoom. Therefore there would be no opportunity to fit in the suggested session.

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