Our live events are suspended for the duration of the Covid-19 crisis. However, we are developing on-line sessions where possible; watch this space for updates. We are working though each event to denote its status.

We are continually developing our programme, seeking to provide sessions covering a variety of subjects by speakers who enjoy working with an audience that can be relied upon to ask many questions. Please use the comment form to let us know if you would like to lead a session for us.

Speakers can find guidelines to our preferred style here

Digital Manufacturing, 3D Printing and robotics.

On line via Zoom App Riverside Walk, Adelaide Rd, Leamington Spa

Todd Williams, University of Warwick and Printed Electronics Ltd. Todd Williams has a BSc in Mechanical Engineering, and an MBA in technological entrepreneurship. He has worked on jet engines for the F22, a structural test lab for the International Space Station,... Continue Reading →

Toward a zero carbon future. Chris Goodall.

Chris Goodall’s recent book, What We Need To Do Now, presents an outline plan for a zero carbon Britain. He looks at energy supply, the food system, heavy industry, clothing and many other parts of the economy. The book tries to show... Continue Reading →

5G Network pluses and minuses

Professor Steve Fergusson The talk covers the application, technology, safety and politics of 5G networks and the Internet of Things. Potential applications are legion, the technology is awesome, safety issues have spawned criminal actions and the politics have become geopolitical.... Continue Reading →

Funding Research

On line via Zoom App Riverside Walk, Adelaide Rd, Leamington Spa

Leah Fitzsimmons University of Birmingham

Tracking Environmental Pollution

On line via Zoom App Riverside Walk, Adelaide Rd, Leamington Spa

Profs Bob Lee and John Colbourne Globally, pollution kills three times more people than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined, accounting for one in four deaths in the poorest countries. How can polluters be so destructive in a world that has... Continue Reading →

Biochar – the potential benefits

For our November Zoom meeting, Donna Udall will lead a discussion on “Biochar - the potential benefits” . The topic is of great relevance as the farming and horticultural community seeks ways to improve the soil in the light of... Continue Reading →

Whatever have glial cells done for us?

Online via Zoom

Prof Nick Dale, Ted Pridgeon Professor of Neuroscience, School of Life Sciences University of Warwick. Nick studies chemical signalling in the central nervous system, with particular interests in: developing biosensor technologies to measure neurotransmitter release in real time, the control... Continue Reading →

AI in Visual Art

Dr Aniko Ekart, Reader in Computer Science, College of Engineering and Physical Sciences, Aston University The quest for machines capable of performing creative activities began with the invention of the computer. Producing aesthetically pleasing visual art is certainly one such creative activity.... Continue Reading →