Our live events are suspended for the duration of the Covid-19 crisis. However, we are developing on-line sessions where possible; watch this space for updates. We are working though each event to denote its status.

We are continually developing our programme, seeking to provide sessions covering a variety of subjects by speakers who enjoy working with an audience that can be relied upon to ask many questions. Please use the comment form to let us know if you would like to lead a session for us.

Speakers can find guidelines to our preferred style here

The world of logistics; Professor Ed Sweeney,

On line via Zoom App Riverside Walk, Adelaide Rd, Leamington Spa

Professor Ed Sweeney, Professor of Logistics and Systems, and Director of the Aston Logistics & Systems Institute at Aston University. Products and services reach the final user through complex global networks of companies and processes. Economic and societal well-being in... Continue Reading →

Digital Manufacturing, 3D Printing and robotics.

On line via Zoom App Riverside Walk, Adelaide Rd, Leamington Spa

Todd Williams, University of Warwick and Printed Electronics Ltd. Todd Williams has a BSc in Mechanical Engineering, and an MBA in technological entrepreneurship. He has worked on jet engines for the F22, a structural test lab for the International Space Station,... Continue Reading →