We have been building a network of contacts with different universities and institutions. We try to plan our calendar to present a variety of topics but are of course dependant upon willing presenters!

You can find guidelines for speakers here


Sept 16th. Leah Fitzsimmons, University of Birmingham, will talk about her work as an Ask For Evidence ambassador for Sense About Science (basically ‘how do we all make sense of the barrage of claims and information that we come across on a daily basis?’). More details to come of this fascinating and topical subject.


Oct 21st. Mathematical Modelling. Professor David Saad, Aston University


November 18th Caffeine and Carbohydrate rinsing. Neil Clarke, Coventry University


December 16th Tracking Environmental Pollution  Profs, Bob Lee and John Colbourne, Birmingham University


Mar 16th. Digital Manufacturing, 3D Printing and robotics. Todd Williams, University of Warwick and Printed Electronics Ltd.

April 20th. The great wave across Doggerland – how Britain survived the Storrega tsunami. Professor Robin Allaby, University of Warwick

May 18th. “Can we make a realistic and ethical laboratory model of chronic lung infection?” Dr Freya Harrison, School of Life Sciences, University of Warwick