What is Cafe Scientifique? Cafe Scientifique is a forum for the discussion of current work and interesting scientific issues. They are informal and accessible

Who will be there? Cafe Sci audiences are interested in science, both theory and practice. Anyone can participate; speakers are there to be questioned and talk about their work at all levels.

What happens at a Cafe Scientifique? Cafes start with a short talk (usually about thirty minutes) by the speaker, to introduce the topic. After this there is a short break to allow glasses to be refilled and conversations to start. This is followed by three quarters of an hour or so of questions and answers and general discussion. Anyone can ask a question, and we positively welcome those which begin “This might be a stupid question, but …” These questions are invariably not stupid and often rather insightful.

I will be a speaker, what facilities are provided? We always bring a screen and projector, with a variety of connecting leads. If you would like us to bring a laptop please let us know, and we can then use your powerpoint presentation on a USB stick.

What guidelines do you give to session leaders? Please plan to take no more than about 35 minutes, unless your session is fully interactive. Please use few slides, with large text, and be prepared for many questions! Whilst some in the audience may know your subject, please don’t assume prior knowledge or expertise. If you let us know your expenses we are happy to cover reasonable costs.

Who runs the Leamington Cafe Sci? We need two coordinators, and they need to be given a break after five years or so. In early 2019 we are trying to establish a routine of volunteers taking on various roles.

Where and when? Leamington is, by and large, on the third Monday of a month, at St Patrick’s Irish Club, arriving from 19.00, starting promptly at 19.30.

What subjects will be discussed? Cafes Scientifiques cover a wide range of issues relating to science and technology. Since 1998, cafes have covered almost every conceivable scientific topic: AIDS, the Big Bang, biodiversity, cancer, code-breaking, consciousness, Darwinism, ecology, evolution, extreme life, foetal experience, genetically modified organisms, global warming, infertility, nanotechnology, the Public Understanding of Science movement, sports science, superconductors and more.

All Cafes Scientifique welcome suggestions from the audience about their programmes. However, we ask that you undertake to find a suitable speaker: arranging 11 meetings annually takes a lot of organisation, and success is built upon persistence and ongoing relationships. It’s really hard to find a speaker without such structures.

Do I need to buy a ticket? Cafes are generally free and you can just turn up on the night. However, in some venues a small entry charge is made to cover venue costs and many cafes pass a hat round on the night for contributions towards the speaker’s travel expenses. These are always voluntary. We pass round a “snake basket”…. no snakes harm anyone in the process…..

Does Cafe Scientifique make a profit? Cafe Scientifique does not make a profit from events or pay fees to speakers. We do offer expenses and sometimes make contributions to good causes, after consultation with the audience.